2022 05 21 COSCUP Operating Time Series Database in K8s


在 k8s 上跑 time series database 甘苦談 - Operating Time Series Database in K8s

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Influxdb 為市占最高的 time series DBMS 之一,使用上與 RDBMS 有不同優劣勢。

在維運方面,database 有許多相似需求:穩定性、高可用性、備份、還原、資源管理、調度、災難復原…等。社群常聽到有人問:可不可以在 K8s 上跑 database。

本演講會分享在 k8s 中維運,實務上所遇到的問題,提供一些思考方向。

本次演講的 influxdb 版本為 Influxdb OSS / enterprise 1.9+

InfluxDB is one the the most popular time series database management system (DBMS) and is a powerful platform when dealing with time series data.

DBMSs, including RDBMS, have many similar requirements on aspect of infrastructure operation. They all require stability, high availability, backup and restore utilities, cpu / memory resource management, disaster recovery…etc. People often ask about that whether is it ok to run DBMS in kubernetes cluster or not. This lecture try to provide some points from our experiences dealing with real-world issues.

The version of InfluxDB discussed in the lecture is InfluxDB OSS / Enterprise 1.9+


在 k8s 上跑 time series database 甘苦談

  • 簡介 Influxdb,time series 與 RDBMS 的差異
  • 使用 time series 的幾個情境:
  • 在 k8s 上跑 DB
    • 穩定性 Availability、HA (enterprise)、faillure recovery
    • 資源管理 OOMKilled、cpu throttling、OutOfDisk
    • DB management: data migration、backup & restore、data retention
  • 小結: 你該不該用 cloud service / VM / 在 K8s 上跑 database

Operating Time Series Database in K8s

  • A brief introduction about InfluxDB and the differences with RDBMS
  • Some scenario to use a time series database (other than RDBMS)
  • Operate InfluxDB in K8s
    • Stability, availability, disaster recovery
    • Resource management, OOMKilled, cpu throttling, out of disk
    • DB management: data migration, retention, rotation, backup & restore
  • summary: whether or not to run a database in k8s

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Suggested Audience

  • 推薦有 k8s 使用經驗的從業人員,對 k8s 有上手經驗
  • 問可不可以在 k8s 上面跑 database 的人
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